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Nathan Vitale is a Philadelphia based cinematographer with 5 years experience shooting music videos, documentaries, and narratives. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Film & Media Arts and has worked with many of the major camera systems used today as well as film. He encourages collaborating both in pre-production and on set and strives to create memorable and meaningful stories using his talents and experience.
Nathan has experience shooting in many different styles from slow motion to timelapse using a variety of tools including: Arri Alexa & Amira, Phantom 4k Flex, RED Epic Dragon, Sony F5, F55, & FS7, Black Magic Cinema Camera, Canon C100, C300, & C500 and DSLR's including 5D mkIII, 1DC, GH4, and AS7. He is comfortable working in a wide range of situations; from the studio to on location, and is able to adapt quickly to the dynamism of working on set. He has worked in harsh enviroments such as Alaska, East Africa, and the South Pacific and knows how to work and maintain equipment in remote and challenging locations.
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